Hearing on Amending The WH&B Act

The House Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands will hold a legislative hearing for H.R. 1018, To Amend the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act. Click Here to view the full text.

-The hearing will be broadcast LIVE via web cast on-
10 a.m. EST or 7 a.m. PST

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Witnesses during the hearing include:

Panel 1
1. Ed Robererson, BLM Assistant Director for Renewable Resources and Planning
2. Stephen P. Whitesell, Associate Director, Park Planning, Facilities, and Lands, National Park Service

Panel 2
1. Madeleine Pickens
2. Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO, The Humane Society
3. D.J. Schubert, Wildlife Biologist, Animal Welfare Institute
4. Kevin Dahl, National Parks Conservation Association
5. Larry D. Voyles, Director, Arizona Fish & Game Department

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