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I have a tremendous amount of respect for Edward R. Murrow. His story of dedication to quality journalism and truth telling was recently resurrected by writer, director and actor George C. Clooney in the historical enactment of Murrow’s journalistic challenge to tell the truth about Senator McCarthy in this brilliant and gripping drama nominated for six Academy Awards titled, “Good Night and Good Luck”.

In reading historical accounts of Mr. Murrow’s contributions to journalistic integrity, it is very clear that his work changed the face of journalism and set the bar for journalistic standards. He is often considered the living embodiment of the highest ideals of what the public should expect from news and media sources; a staunch refusal to allow political and economic influences to exert such pressures that conflicts of interest becomes the norm and truth becomes the casualty – or worse still – used instead as a vehicle to manipulate public opinion and support for flat out lies.

Famous for his speech in 1958 that was harshly critical of the newly emerging television industry’s drive to spin entertainment based webs of enchantment versus reality based news, in 1971, the Radio-Television News Director’s Association (RTNDA) began annually awarding the Edward R. Murrow Award for “excellence in electronic journalism” to honor those who exemplified Mr. Murrow’s standards and integrity.

This award represents the highest honor a journalist can receive, as it acknowledges those who dare to tell the truth against the corporate and political machines that have now overrun our Nation.

And so, it was with great pride and humble gratitude that American Herds is profoundly pleased to congratulate our own Las Vegas based veteran investigative reporter George Knapp and the I-Team’s Ian Russell and Matt Adams for being the recent recipients of the regional Edward R. Murrow award for their hard hitting documentary, Stampede To Oblivion, and the truths this investigative report reveal about what has been happening behind the American scene and BLM’s “management” of the Wild Horse & Burro Program.

Mr. Knapp has followed the tragedies and travesty’s that have been heaped upon America’s wild horses and burros for many years now, being one of the few who has refused to buckle and allow their progressive extermination to quietly fade into oblivion in favor of more shiny, blond stories - now the general media standard slopped in the public’s trough.

Traveling around the Nevada landscape to get real, honest footage that peels back the layers of spin spun for “the sake of the horses”, Stamped To Oblivion is chock full of real wild horses, real people fighting to save these majestic animals and real interviews with the officials in charge of their demise.

For the timely and critical release of this investigative report, for the untold hours of work, perseverance, dedication, courage and most of all - for making the choice to be their voice for all these long years – Mr. Knapp, Mr. Russell, Mr. Adams and everyone at the I-Team and KLAS Channel 8 news station, the RTNDA and the American public salute you!

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