A Tribute To Jackie & Jasmine of Oatman, AZ

In August, a little six-week year old baby burro named Jasmine was hit and killed by a drunk driver in the sleepy little town of Oatman, Arizona - while tragic in itself, it wasn’t the only tragedy that resulted.

Oatman residents placed flyers around the town as an expression of their grief and a tribute to those they lost.

Terry Watt of American Horse Defense Fund was kind enough to share this with us all to both honor and remember…….

-Tribute To Jackie-
We have lost our very best friend. She has been our champion for several years. She has loved us unconditionally for no profit or gain - just only for who we are. She has been here for our new births and our unfortunate deaths.

If we are sick she called the doctor, and took care of it, when we have a new baby she was here to make everything was ok, when one of us dies she has been here to bury us and send us on our way to a better place.

She always came to us with a special treat in her pocket. And all she asked in return was we sit on her and put our head on her shoulder and receive all of the love she had to give to us. And we gladly did.

Jackie was here in Oatman on Saturday to console one of us (her name sake, Jackie) who lost her 6 week old baby to a drunken driver who didn't even stop to see if the baby was ok, but just kept on going and left her for dead. While she was grieving with her, she herself died of a heart attack.

And while everyone tried the best that they could to save her, we think God must have needed her more.

We're not sure what we are going to do without her. There are not many people out there who can love and give themselves so unselfishly as she has done.

Until we meet again,
April, Jackie, JellyBean, Charlie, Lil'Belle, Harley, Libby, Peanut, Popcorn, Tornado, Windy, and Splotches
(the Oatman Burros)


7/16/07 to 8/29/07


Flyer distributed about Jasmine

Oatman, Arizona

The town of Oatman, Arizona has been made famous for the wild burros that come into the town in the morning, wander around greeting people (and looking for treats!) and then heading back out into the desert at sunset, giving residence and tourists the rare opportunity to get to personally know a burro and their families.

To learn more about Oatman, Home of the Gold Mine Wild Burros
and how to visit them, click HERE.

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